About Cyril Lambert

Cyril Lambert of Da Capo Music Academy has been passionate about music since the age of 14 and has been playing the Keyboard/Synth and Piano in the Church Band, Choirs, Gospel Groups and later was playing in Instrumental Jazz Bands.His Father Was the Choir Director as Being a Frequent Guitarist and Saxophonist and having a gospel band. His father and Mother’s whole family are music lovers and brothers and sisters had marvellous voices.

Piano became his first instrument and been playing now for over 25 years. He started developing a love for Guitar,Drums and Bass as well.Having some good knowledge of other instruments help him a lot with the Programming and Sequencing when producing and Arranging of Music and also Qualified IT Specialist.(PCs).The Guitar was the 2nd instrument that he start playing more often and developing. He is trained in all Genre of music.

He has been Teaching music for 17 Years at Da Capo Music Academy where he is the Founder of his School. The Principal, Cyril lambert , had first thought of taking on a project approximately 17 years ago and started at his home. When he saw that there was quite a few Musicians that didn’t know the Basics and skip the Fundamentals of music he came up with the name “Da Capo”,which is a musical term for “back to the beginning”. I Like to Simplify Difficult music. He breaks down theory and gives simple approaches.

Despite not receiving any formal tertiary education in music, he is now a highly skilled keyboard/Pianist ,In spite of these obstacles, Cyril made his way onto the music scene and has traveled to quite a few Countries.

As for musical education, Cyril relates the following: “he took Piano lessons from a wonderful piano teacher in Bellville, from age 17-19 or so, nothing fancy, just the basics. I got interested in jazz and pop around the age of 19-20 and studied that from whatever sources were available, notably scattered lessons with local jazz musicians, friends,jazz theory books that I found or were recommended to me, also made use of UCT Music Library and listening to my favorite recordings and transcribing songs and solos form Chick Corea,Russell Ferrante (Yellow Jackets), Joe Sample to mention a few.

He Also Recently Started to Develop a Small Course on how to make use of the New Technology in the Church and Modern music,using Software Like Ableton live,Studio One (Click track/Stems),Soft Synths and Hardware like Korg Nano Control 2,Akai Apc and Midi Controller and the Setup of it and how a 2 piece band can sound like a 8 Piece band using Clicks.
To mention more on my influences:…….

“The first recording I heard that really got me excited about being a musician was “Spell Bound of Joe Sample”. I loved the way the Mr, Sample Played and how Melodic his tunes was. i Later found out that Joe Sample Was Andre Crouches Piano Player. The 2nd Pianist was Russell Ferrante……..

“Around the same time, I was introduced to John Coltrane’s ‘My Favorite Things’ and various recordings by Miles Davis. I didn’t understand that music at all but nonetheless, I immediately loved it! Along with these recordings, I was listening to and drawing inspiration from George Duke”,,,

He Listen to “Everything by John Coltrane, especially “Giant Steps”, “Ballads”, “A Love Supreme”, and “Live at Birdland”. Everything by Miles Davis, especially “Kind of Blue”. Keith Jarrett, especially “Facing You”, “My Song”, “Belonging”, and all the “standards”and much, much more.”

Cyril uses:
  • Yamaha S90 es
  • Korg Kronos v2 73
  • Korg Ps60.
  • M-Audio Axiom Pro 61
  • Akai MPK88 Controller
  • Akai APC Mini & Ultimate Double keyboard stand
  • Macbook Pro 13” laptop.
  • Software: Presonus Studio one V3,
    • Ableton Live 9 suite,
    • Reason
    • Ravenscraft 275 vst
    • Spectrasonic -Omnisphere,
    • Trilian
    • Native Instruments,
    • MK Sensation to mention a few……
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“If you don’t value your time, neither will others. Stop giving away your time and talents. Value what you know & start charging for it.”




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  • Bank: Nedbank
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  • Branch Code: 198765