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About Course:

"This course will teach you the basics of using Ableton Live, right from the first time you open the software all the way to getting on stage and using it live. We’ll look at how to use Ableton Live to produce your own music or use it to supplement your existing musical workflow. We’ll also look at the basics of music production like mixing and mastering. We’ll learn how to listen critically and analyse musical pieces. We’ll look at how to release and promote your own music in the modern internet age.

The course is aimed at beginning music producers, if you’ve never used music production software or have a basic knowledge then this course will help you expand your skills and become a competent music producer.”

Course Outline

  • 6 weeks
  • 2 classes per week
  • 2hrs per class (24hrs total)
  • 19:00 - 21:00, Tuesday & Thursday
  • Max. 20 Students
  • Min. 10 Students
  • R5999 for the full course: + R400 Admin Fee

What is Electronic Music Production?
Using Ableton Live
Beat Production & Rhythm Theory
Composition & Harmonic Theory (Writing Chords & Melodies)
FX, Racks, Macro Controls & 3rd Party Plugins
Recording Audio & Working with Live Instruments
Mixing & Automation
Basic Sampling & Sound Design
Basic Synthesis
File Management
Basic Mastering
Releasing & Promoting Your Music
A Brief History of Electronic Music
Critical Listening & Musical Development
Basic Performance & Control

What You’ll Need

  • * A Mac or PC Laptop
  • * Ableton Live 9 Suite or we will provide it.
  • * A MIDI controller keyboard
  • * Headphone (if not school can provide it) 




Banking Details

  • Account Holder: Da Capo Music Academy SA
  • Bank: Nedbank
  • Account: 1136616373
  • Type: Business account 
  • Branch Code: 198765