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We At DCM will show you everything from Beginners to Intermediate:

If You Can Hear it u can Play it!"...If you've been searching for a place to learn gospel music by Ear, Your search ends here right now!
Here are a few things we can do for you.

We will show you, Step-By-Step, how to play contemporary worship music by Ear. We take you through every tone of the major scale and show you literally tons of chords you can play ranging from major, minor, diminished, dominant, sevenths, ninths, elevenths, thirteenths, altered chords, and more! Then you’ll learn how to pair these chords together to create small progressions we call “Couples.” These progressions create your contemporary worship music.
We use the Number System and this Method still teach you how to Play in all 12 Keys.By the end of this program, you’ll be playing full chord progressions and actual worship songs like or any Song

We cover worship patterns as we believe patterns are extremely important in Playing gospel music. Chords are recycled over and over in songs and if you learn to recognize the recurring patterns, you can play dozens of songs using the same exact chords

You need help learning songs from "scratch" and literally don't know where to start. You're very good at picking out melodies to songs but don't know where to go from there.
You know how to sight read very well but want to lessen your dependence on sheet music --- in other words, you want to play by ear! Or perhaps you've been playing for years and: You want to refresh yourself on the "basics" of playing piano by ear.

Topics Like:

  1. The Power Of Inversions an how to play them Smoothly
  2. How to Master all 12 keys
  3. Simple Pattern to learn and use in every song.-Common Patterns in tons of songs
  4. Fancy Chords you can Outright use in your own Play
  5. and much much more…..

R650p/m + Admin Fee of R100 once-off. material included.......
LIMITED SPACE FOR 1 0N 1 AND Group classes of 5 - (Group Classes is R450)



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